About Us

Who are we?

Heaven Sent Pictures was developed through the Heavenly Father to showcase the various multimedia projects pressed into our hearts. As an affiliate of Show Me Thy Way Ministry, God leads and we follow.

What are we about?

From the creation of man to present time, God has given us two commandments to follow: “Love thy God with all our heart, mind, soul, and might; love our neighbor as we love our self.” These are the greatest commandments and all the rest fall underneath these two. Our films at HSP are with these intentions in mind. With our multi-media creations, we hope to do our part in honoring our Father in Heaven and bringing the great commission to those seeking Him.

Why is everything focused on God?

Without God nothing would exist. HPS wants to share how great our Lord is. We reverence Jesus because of what He did on the Cross, bringing salvation to a fallen world that continuously rejects Him as the Son of God. It can’t be stressed enough that Jesus is Lord and Savior and the only way to redemption.

Who is Show Me Thy Way Ministry?

Show Me Thy Way is the parent ministry of Heaven Sent Pictures and helps with the funding and inspiration of various projects. Both are used as instruments of the Lord, bringing focus in educating the masses about having a spiritual connection to be in God’s eternal glory.

What are some of the projects?

Currently, there are several projects in the works. Not only with efforts in producing motion pictures, but also bringing a video ministry to the internet. This consists of interviews and what random people think about Heaven and Hell, to give an awareness of having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.