Godzette Publishing was created as a sister company to coincide with Heaven Sent Pictures for the sole purpose of publishing novels, with intentions of making them into future motion pictures. The first project slated is “Anonymously Yours – a selfless guide to finding God.”

Other work currently planned is a monthly newsletter that will be published as “Godzette Magazine,” exploring all phases of God’s Living Word. There will be interviews with Christian leaders in various fields, photos, Q&A, articles of interest from Believers around the world. All religions will be addressed for the purpose of finding spiritual commonality in having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pulp nonfiction (comic books) is another venue with ongoing episodic storytelling of the Bible for children. It’s a fun and informative way to learn about the Lord as a primer that will serve God’s children in adulthood.


Godzette Publishing will be open to outside submissions by authors with original works that have the same goals and Christian philosophy for advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, with the intended goal of finding spiritual depth and the advancement of faith and belief for its reader.

Reading about God comes from a desire of wanting to know more about Him. Sharing that experience as a Christian is a privilege; once having done so, nothing by comparison is as satisfying. As the clock of time clicks on and our life gets closer to the end of crossing over to God, we realize the continued importance of sharing our faith with someone that perhaps hasn’t had the blessed opportunity of spiritual enlightenment in Jesus that we’ve been so fortunate to possess.

There isn’t a price tag that can be put on the greatest feeling of worth that can ever happen to you: being born-again and receiving Jesus Christ for eternity. Let this be an encouragement to read God’s Holy Word of the Bible and follow the standards of His will for your life.