Kingdom Come

The earth has been under God’s protection since its creation, but due to the continuous diminishing morals of a rebellious society, Satan is allowed to administer his evil twist of wickedness and bring destruction to the world by dividing believers from nonbelievers.

Believers are removed from off the planet in the Rapture prior to the moment of massive destruction and enter into God’s glory in the third realm of Heaven as transfigured spiritual bodies. Everything that man has touched and built is contaminated with unrighteousness and must be destroyed to purify the earth.

The planet is renovated by fire in preparation for the New Heaven and New Earth to bring forth the Kingdom of Christ. God orchestrates from His throne just as the Bible declares, that the time has come for sin to be eradicated from the universe. God’s promises of spiritual things gained in Heaven far outweigh the carnality of things left behind on Earth.

The search for God begins in the Garden of Eden and follows all the way through to the seven years of tribulation, just prior to the devastation of the planet. God’s majestic beauty and power is revealed in song as the spectacular and surprise ending unveils the Millennial Reign of Christ, after which New Jerusalem transitions from the Kingdom Age into the Perfect Age.