Eternal Damnation

This is a day unlike any other, for on this day a man loses his life in a motorcycle accident. Due to his disbelief in God, his soul is unexpectedly thrust on a journey to Hell. His condemned soul is cast into the unfathomable depths of torment and anguish, where he lives in eternal damnation and God is never to be found again.

Surrounded in the abyss of Satan’s domain by demons and other lost souls, this highly intense experience of unimaginable horror will leave everyone questioning their own purpose and salvation: perhaps giving serious consideration to their spiritual destination beyond this life… before it’s too late.

Arriving behind the gates of no return in Hell, fallen souls are immersed in liquid flame flowing from mountains of molten fire and repeatedly consumed by Satan’s demonic forces of evil and principalities of darkness; where millions of reprobates that reject Jesus are processed for sins never repented of, and continuously live in the lust of their wickedness in the eternal lake of fire.

Satan rules the Earth with horrific disasters and the temptations of sin, stalking his prey as a hungry lion ready to devour, incarcerating masses in bondage of perversion and unholy acts against God’s righteousness. This wild imagery of Hell is set to rock music and depicts a separation from God and all He represents, by jumping from life without the parachute of Jesus on and careening toward a bottomless pit of torture and never-ending suffering.