Heaven Sent Pictures recognizes that the medium of film is a universal language that speaks to the heart and soul of all people and can be inspirational, second only to the divine touch of God Almighty.

Like prayer, film can be a channel to momentarily remove one from life’s challenges and problems, touching a core of emotions to ignite a spiritual nature and detach from the flesh and temporal living.

It’s HSP’s direction and intention to travel the distance beyond where fantasy ends and enter into the realm of spiritual domain, where the higher power of the Holy Ghost awaits to reveal a connection of something far more enriching and fulfilling that’s eternal and designed to outlast beyond this lifetime.

It’s an introduction and visitation to God’s blessing of a life that promises rewards, those instinctively felt deep within a soul of acceptance and willing reassurance that everything in this world is in perfect order and under God’s control.

HSP is affiliated with quality products to reveal the goodness of God and touch all people that which is achievable and fully recognized as a gift embedded within each soul God has created.

Our films are written, produced, and directed under the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God to achieve maximum connection and revelation through a goal of perseverance and discovery.