Our Mission

Why was it founded?

Heaven Sent Pictures was founded to fulfill a small niche in a multi-media market of telling stories with wholesome concepts that advance God’s goodness and purity into public awareness and fight against a lost generation of self-indulgence.

What is the purpose?


HSP is dedicated to taking a step beyond typical Christian filmmaking and create significant “messages” that connects to the innocence of lost souls in rebuilding faith in God through guidance of the Holy Ghost.

What is the big picture?

HSP is an organization of believers all sharing the common belief of Jesus Christ being the Savior and Son of God. They’re committed with life and resources to using their God given talents in one of the most powerful mediums available, to combat the stronghold of evil and return as many souls to knowing their Creator during these end-times prior to the Rapture.

How does it concern everyone?

We live in a cynic world whereby Satan controls the airwaves and minds of those willing to destroy the Kingdom through sensationalism and vulgarity using destructive images conducive to an acceptable society in darkness and ruination. Thus being the cause of a deterioration of morality and ethics, with unfulfilled expectations and emptiness, standing outside God’s jurisdiction of righteousness.

What is the goal of Heaven Sent Pictures?

That God’s offer of eternal life is received through His Son by every person willing to repent of their sins and follow the Lord in knowledge and understanding. With enlightenment of Jesus comes a gain of spiritual wisdom to every person making that choice, to realize someday Heaven will be right here on Earth.