Heaven Sent Pictures

Heaven Sent Pictures is established in the perfect will of the Lord, totally dedicated to the enhancement and advancement of creating and displaying films that reflect the truth and righteousness of God. HSP stands firm and bears witness of the Lord Jesus Christ and His testimony of the Bible: stated as Him being part of the Three Person Trinity and Creator of the universe, in covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the multitudes that follow.

There is a spiritual world within the physical world in which we live, that goes mostly undetected. Along with it comes an evil resistance on the constant prowl against God’s goodness -- a battleground that must be fought spiritually and overcome daily as long as life possesses us. Satan and his demonic minion and principalities of darkness rule the air waves of Earth, including music and movies created for us to watch and listen to, that attack and rebel against God’s purpose -- through our morality and conscience that was given to us from the beginning and to be used as a double-edge sword for our protection.

Demonic lyrics and wicked dialogue must never be tolerated that blaspheme God’s Holy Name and erode the Gospel message of His grace and gift of unconditional love. Anything derisive must be prevented to toil against the eternal gift of salvation and what the Cross of the crucified Jesus Christ represents in the highest regard to God’s generous opportunity of the precious redemption given to all mankind. Man is not to be distracted by Satan’s wicked temptations of lust, greed and prideful desire; or anything else destructive through the lies and deception of the devil that lures victims into damnation.

HSP vows to avoid the diversion and division of manmade religion and self-appointed false prophets of counterfeit and illegitimate claims; but willfully has everything to do with a personal relationship established in the church of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; whereby, all things are made possible through faith and spiritual blessings anointed by the prophesied One and Only true Messiah. It’s with full intension and by following God’s direction that Heaven Sent Pictures was formed to impact those that have eyes to see and ears to hear the calling of the Lord: through conviction of heart and soul by recognition of the higher purpose our Creator has in mind for those that willfully choose to receive and follow His Son. The appointed Savior of the world was supernaturally quickened by Immaculate Conception of the Holy Ghost for the salvation of all mankind and is to be reflective in the work and walk of the imprint we leave behind.